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So we know you want to give us things like a toaster and soup spoons, a toilet plunger and new couch. This is what most people need when they first wed. But that’s not our story.

We are currently preparing to move to Central Asia where we will be living and working to serve people in one of the poorest nations on earth. While we would love to receive sets of dishes and glasses, when we will most need these items is after we have moved overseas. At that point, we will need everything to begin our lives in a new place. We plan to live there for a minimum of five years beginning in 2020, so that is when the toilet plunger will come in handy 😂

If you would like to support our future, please use this form below to send your gift of support.

We are choosing to keep our registries to a minimum, limiting them to what we will use now or can take with us overseas.

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Julia Addington
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